Online interviews, although Emirates and Etihad suspend all training

According to information received from our trainees who were already in training or were about to start it at Emiratest or Etihad Airways,, all training sessions were suspended. Pre-screening interviews (Etihad) and Digital Interviews (Emirates) are now online.

Those in training at Emirates had their training suspended, although they had been in training for several weeks. These could resume on April 2, but it all depends on how the situation of the pandemic Coronavirus evolves. Those who were about to travel to UAE and join Emirates were informed that all departures to Dubai will be canceled until new decisions are made. In the same situation are those recruited, who were supposed to join Etihad Airways. It should be noted that both airlines announced two days ago a temporarily cease of flights in the coming days.

The situation of recruitment and interviews

Assessment Day recruitment sessions have been canceled. But online interviews were introduced at both companies. Those who apply and are considered eligible will be invited to answer online to a set of typical, general questions. This means that you will not have a direct conversation with a recruiter, but you will be alone in front of the screen. This is considered a second pre-selection phase, and you will be invited to an Assessment Day interview only when the situation in the world stabilizes.

If you want to prepare for such selections, we have prepared the 1:1 Private Coaching Online Course. Thanks to this working formula, you will benefit from individual counseling, but also from questions and answers session. This course is carefully constructed to help you give the right answers to the online interview. Also, you will go through the essential information related to the preparation for any interview, you will practice other subjects given during the interview and we will check your presentation file (C.V. and photos). At the same time, we will provide you with FREE teaching material to improve your English language and aviation knowledge.