It all began in the winter of 2011 when I was going to my new job on a cruise ship. In order to get there, I had to fly. My departure was from Munich to Miami with Lufthansa airline. I was so eager to fly for the first time, it was like a dream coming true.

I was so impressed with the service and the experience so I was always looking up after the Cabin Crew. Slowly I began thinking about changing my career and become one of them. I started to search for articles about the cabin crew job, even took German classes in order to pass a Lufthansa interview. Actually, I was even applying once for them and after submitting my application I had to pass an online test. This was in German and English and even if I was still not fluent in German, for my surprise I passed to the next step – telephone interview. That didn’t go well, but that didn’t keep me away and made me want this job more and more. In the same time, I was still taking classes to improve my German knowledge. I understood that in order to get where I wanted I had to work harder. It took me 2 years of continuously applications, interviews, broken hopes, disappointments, spending lots of money flying to different locations where interviews were held. I was almost like a flight attendant without a company or crew and I was feeling more and more depressed. Even my family started to pick up on me to finish with this nonsense of chasing airline.

Then I heard about a cabin crew school so I knew getting a Cabin Crew Attestation will help me get into an airline. So I signed up and three months later I graduated. Being already in the US helped me apply for a local airline first, just to see if I can manage a flight attendant job. I knew having flying experience will help me one day work in a prestigious airline in Europe. Also, I had a new interview with Blue Panorama airline and everything went so quick on that day. I didn’t even have time to realize when the times passed. After two days I got the “Golden call”, I passed!!! I was so happy, I couldn’t even realize what is happening to me.

However, my dream of coming back to Europe was still in my mind. My luck was to meet the trainer Nicoleta Gherman. I want to thank her for creating the Premium and Executive Courses for VIP aviation in order to prepare for the interview. I found her Facebook and website very useful, finding lots of new jobs in Europe and not only. That is how I found out about a Senior Crew job for an airline based in Asia, Hainan airline. After applying all went great and had the chance to experience crew lifestyle on the other side of the globe. As I wasn’t too happy about the change, I went back to Nicoleta and with her professional guidance, I realized VIP or charter aviation will suit me better. She is the type of trainer who knows of what this job is all about and which interviews the future candidates should attend. I felt more prepared knowing what in fact the recruiters are searching for without losing a lot of time and energy. For me all information received from her helped a lot, everything went great and had the chance to move to a European VIP charter airline. Actually, most of the job offers I got them from her, advising me where to apply, helped me get invitations from 3 companies at the same time. Today, I am a cabin crew happily working back in Europe. So I encourage everyone to approach her in this matter and never give up on your dream! When I started researching about this job, there were no groups like now. Former or actual cabin crew were not too keen to share their experience. Nowadays is different, even if you have to spend a lot of hours on different forums where candidates are talking about interviews. Go through websites to get the information. Everything is in front of you, you just need a proper attitude and positive mind to go and take that job!

*Due to the present contract requirements, Andrew is not allowed to post photos in his VIP uniform.