Once you decided to attend a Cabin Crew Open Day recruitment or apply for an Assessment Day, your Curriculum Vitae will be one of the keys to successfully pass the interview. Every time I was doing a prescreening or even during the interviews for future cabin crew, I got firstly a close look to the CV and then to the Intention Letter, as I considered the CV an overview of the candidate skills, abilities, educational and experience background. The clearer and concise was the document, the easiest was for me to see if the person attending the interview is a highly-skilled one for this job or not. Also remember that recruiters will always look for the key words like: age, punctuality, team, customer service, genuine, punctuality, ambitious, dedicated, creative, sympathetic and so on.

  1. Style: Usually a simple, one or two pages CV, rather than an European-Pass style is easier to go through, however check the airlines or recruiting agencies requirements regarding this issue. Keep it to a maximum two pages, printed double-sided.
  2. Photo: A passport type photo can be attached to the CV. Make sure your hair is neatly arranged (in a bum or short ponytail for ladies, proper cut for gentlemen) and you do wear business attire (shirt – not translucent for ladies and with a tie for gentlemen). There were times when I got photos of the ladies taken in malls, wearing a Japanese traditional dress, in a park or even worse, in sensual strike a pose look alike.
  3. More details about a perfect CV you can find in my Ebook Future Cabin Crew Interview Guide: https://worldclasscrew.com/masterclass/future-cabin-crew-interview-guide/