by Mihaela Moise, Crew Resource Specialist

Sagun K. (Nepal): I was just curious to ask you one question and that is like I am just 5’1 and the height requirement says 5’2. Is there any chance I can try for airlines like Emirates, Qatar or Etihad if I can only reach 208 cm? It has always been my dream to work in such airlines but I feel depressed as I don’t know if they might reject me coz of height. Have you ever seen someone less than 5’2 working for these airlines in your working history? And what are the medical tests we have to go through? Sorry to bother but I just didn’t have any clue about whom to ask. Thanks million times for your precious information.

Hi. Thank you to address me your concerns. Well, my advice is to give a try. You have nothing to lose, other than receiving a negative answer that you are already expecting. Better to try than to live an entire life with the doubt of “what if I would try and they could accept me?” I am sure you have other skills that might be higher than 1 cm!

The medical tests are hearing test, ophthalmological, dentist, cardio, blood test. Als, you should not have any visible marks or tattoos. Any way they will let you know all the medical check-up that you need in order to be hired. Good luck and please do not give up!

Pauline Nowell (England): Good evening I am writing on behalf of my daughter. Her name is Faye Currie she lives in Dubai and has worked for Emirates for 4 years; she is in business class. Faye loves the job and her customer service is excellent she has received numerous commendations from customers and colleagues including managers. She has also received awards. Faye is passionate about aviation and can’t really thing if anything else she would like to do. She feels she would like to return to the UK in the near future and is trying to see what her options are. We live on the Wirral (North West ) and most of the long haul airlines are based out of London. She would love to work on private jets but has not seen any vacancies. She would also love the use her knowledge in the industry in other ways such as training or recruitment. Can you please offer any advice or guidance? Thank you in advance.

Thank you for your question. There are many options for those who want to relocate or are looking for a ground job. If she wants to apply for private jets, there are some in Europe, Saudi and Emirates hiring often VIP Cabin Crew. Most of them have an age limit, maximum 35 years old.

Or if she wants to work on ground, there are airport jobs or office jobs, in administration (Assistant Manager), or recruitment, especially if she will attend an HR course. I wish her good luck and please keep us updated.

Carol M. (Botswana): I would like some advice from you and hope that it is appropriate for me to ask. I went for a CV drop-off/assessment this past Saturday for Qatar Airways. I would say it went well, but I was told to wait for an email of whether I was accepted or not. My confusion is that a few girls had their acceptance letters handed to them immediately and I’m concerned that I may have been rejected. However, there was a similar incident that happened to a friend of mine a while back, he was not accepted immediately during the interview but got accepted via email a few weeks later. With your experience would you say I should be hopeful? I look forward to your response.

Hi, no worries. Just wait, it might take few weeks until you will receive their e-mail. If you will not, write them back and ask them. Good luck.

Jerin N. (Bangladesh): Hello. I am from Bangladesh. Can I apply for the post of Flight Attendant? Can u tell me which airline is recruiting for all nationalities?

Hi, Jerin. Most of the Middle East airlines are hiring people from all over the world. So please feel free to apply for this position to all of them (Qatar Airways, Etihad, Emirates, Oman, etc.) All the best!

Nicoleta L.: How important is to have a perfect denture? I do need a tooth implant on the side. Would it be a problem to pass the interview?

Hello. So many airlines will not check denture during the interview, the recruiters only paying attention if a missing tooth if visible. If your problem is visible, then have first the tooth implant and then attend the cabin crew interview.

Jarin (Lebanon): I am a 6-years experience cabin crew. Can I get a job in an airline in Cyprus or Europe if I hold only a Lebanese passport?

Hi, Jarin. As far as I know, if you want to work in Europe, you need a work permit and Schengen visa (for certain countries), therefore please check the respective airline requirements, in order to work legally in their country.

Adynn (Georgia): Do you know if it is required to have any vaccination before joining Qatar Airways? I was just accepted and would like to prepare everything before leaving.

I am happy for you and that you were recruited. You should do the yellow fever vaccination before leaving your country. It is safer for you when traveling to other countries.

Dojevalmi O. (Congo): Hello, I am a Congolese, living in Morroco working as cabin crew, and I would like to know if it is possible for me to find a cabin crew job here?

Thank you. Check Air Morocco or Air Arabia websites for job availability. Good luck!

Salma K. (Tunis): Recently I attended an interview. What was mysterious for me how they made their choice in a few seconds it was sooo fast. How come?

Recruiters are really good in scanning a person from first look. Some of them from an answer can see if you would be a good cabin crew, as they are good psychologists too. For sure they understood quickly if the candidate matches their criteria or not. You could try next time to ask them for feedback.