By Nicoleta Gherman, Trainer &  Recruiter

Putting your best foot forward in a cabin crew interview with any airline can make a difference between landing your flying dream job or getting back to your day by day life. As every day we receive questions about how one should behave and speak in an interview, below you can find an interview checklist. We advise you to use these tips in order to ensure yourself that you have the right answers and make a very good first impression during the recruitment day.

1. After you pick an airline you would like to work for, you should check its requirements, in order to be sure that your application will go through the entire recruitment process. If your height, for example, is not in accordance with the airline requirement, then you might fail the interview from the first stage.

Also gather as much information as possible on your potential employer, as you must be prepared for questions like “What do you know about our cabin crew team/our airline?” or “Why do you want to work for our company?”. The best way to get all the correct information is to access the airline’s website. The less you know the more you suggest you are not really interested. You need to be utterly familiar with the cabin crew job description, as well as the company culture and latest achievements.

2. Improve yourself by practicing the interview questions/answers, creativity and communication exercises. Don’t forget that practice leads to success!

3. The day before the interview, have a good sleep, pack up extra copies of your resume or CV (tailored for an airline) and reference list. It is not enough to have a portfolio or samples of your work, as these do not help you during the interview. Also prepare a small, professional bag or briefcase. Bring pens and why not, a notepad too.

4. Dress professionally, wearing business attire (neutral dark colored suit, with a knee-length skirt for ladies) and have a mature attitude. Don’t play with your hair, as this suggests nervousness while crossing your arms might also make you seem guarded. During the interview, you should sit up straight and look confident.

5. As you arrive at the recruitment place, switch off your cell phone, get rid of the gum if you are chewing one, bring only breath mint and don’t forget to have a small bottle of water as well.

6. There is no excuse for arriving late at a cabin crew interview. Strive to arrive about 15-30 minutes earlier before the scheduled interview, even if it’s an Open or Assessment Day type. By doing so, it is also a chance to observe the dynamics of the other persons participating and of the company recruitment team. Be sociable, talk to everyone you meet during the day and do not isolate yourself, as it is your time to shine – make it count!

7. During the interview try to remain as calm as possible. It is completely natural to feel nervous, but you can minimize this feeling with some preparation in advance. If there is something you are not sure of, ask for clarification. Don’t be afraid to pause and think before answering a question during any phase of the interview. Also make eye contact with the recruiters or other persons attending the interview, as this suggests your openness.

8. If you are requested to introduce yourself, try to avoid saying everything that it is written in your CV. Try to add extra information that would make you stand out from the crowd (international experience, well-traveled, volunteer activities etc.) and show how you can grow in your career. Employers want a flight attendant team member who is willing to learn, so you must communicate this during your presentation, even describing past challenges in terms of what you learned. Talking about your unique passions and interests will show what you have to offer, but stick to positive appropriate things. Link your skills, experience, and education to the job itself, explaining your compatibility with the job and the airline profile. Portray yourself as a motivated, confident and energetic person, a good team player who can commit to the company’s expectations.

9. During the group activities include all your fellow colleagues in the dialogue. Your recruiters need to see if later on, you are able to cooperate with your co-workers. Do not be a bad-mouthing, as speaking negatively makes you look bad.

10. SMILE, even though the interview may last for 6-10 hours. It will also help you talk confidently and coherently. GOOD LUCK!

11. Finally, if you feel that aviation is your call, do not waste your time and follow your dreams. If your dream is to take wings and fly, don’t delay your “take off”. Come and prepare with us for future interviews. We have a wide range of dedicated courses and you can choose any of them. More details here: http://worldclasscrew.com/Trainings/.