5 Ways to pass the Online Interview

In these days, when some European airlines restarted the recruitements, technology has made it easier for you to pass the first stage of the interview. There are thousands of job seakers, so of course getting a cabin crew job might be more difficult. It might be awkward at the begining when you think about an online conversation with the recruiter or maybe recording your answers in front of an empty screen. So here are five tips to make yourself stand out during your video interview.

Practice by yourself

Conducting a simulation of the interview might help you. Think of some questions you might get and record yourself while answering. Double check if your answer sound good, fluent and the tone of your voice is calm. You can even call a friend an imagine he is the recruiter. This way you check that your camera and microphone is working properly and you have a strong internet connection.


Make sure that your clothes are spotless, your hair looks good and ladies, wear a proper make up. Be properly dressed, wearing a suit (business attire). Do not wear jeans, low-cut blouse or a robe. Grooming of the place is also important, so recruiter won’t be disturbed by objects around your room or any sounds. Better to have behind you a plain wall and nothing around your laptop.

Prepare your answers

Prepare in advance the answers to all the questions you might be asked. You should know as many information as you can about the airline, cabin crew job and how to behave with the customers. From my experience as a recruiter I am advising you not to ask any questions, as the recruiting officers are also going through lots of interviews in a day and might be tired if your interview is mid-day.

During the interview

Be ahead of time logged in the system. Make eye contact and show maximum of attention. Nod, smile and don’t make faces when the recruiter is talking to you. Don’t touch your face, sit straight in the chair and act as naturally as possible. Employers can post questions or ask to introduce yourself. Answer quickly, show you are a top talent. Airlines interview might incorporate skills, psihological and behavioral assessments. The answers are evaluated even the interview ended, as most of them are recorded.

Recorded interviews are the most popular type of online recruiting, but not replacing the in-person interview. Once you passed the video interview you might be invited to a face-to-face selection. as the next step of the hiring process. Or you might get a second invitation to a live video interview, facing the recruiters on the spot. But even though, a live interview can be recorded to be referred to later by the HR team. This allows recruiters to even compare candidates response for each question and eliminates the ambiguity from hiring decisions. Companies can customize their interviews based on their values and required hard and soft skills.

The nuances of the video conference interview are not to be ignored. Here’s how to prepare for success, during our online classes: https://worldclasscrew.com/masterclass/cabin-crew-career/