Summer is starting, and the airlines are slowly reopening some of their destinations.
Emirates sees the resumption of regularly scheduled passenger flights to nine destinations as of May 21st.
Etihad announced special flights to 19 destinations in May and June.
Qatar Airways continues to fly to 30 destinations and plans to open even more in the following months.
With this, the myriad of news and assumptions has flooded the internet and our inbox. I receive hundreds of emails every day, and many of them quote dreadful news of lay-offs, salary cuts, and aircraft retiring.
Here is my #1 advice about this:
Pay attention to the source of the news. If it is not coming directly from the airline or a reputable news agency, it is likely somebody’s opinion and not official (and true) information.
Similarly, if it is quoting an “unnamed insider source,” it is probably an account of unreliable information.
As for the cabin crew recruitment, all airlines in the Middle East are now on-hold with their recruitment process.
While travel is slowly restarting, gatherings (such as the cabin crew assessments) are still not allowed, making in-person recruitment impossible at this moment.
You can create an account and register for future opportunities with Emirates.
Etihad and Qatar Airways do not have an open portal for future job openings.
To help you make sense of what is happening and what might be happening in the future, I will answer all the questions that you might have so please feel free to join the Facebook group and ask 🙂