By Nicoleta Gherman, former QA Cabin Crew

Being in a Swiss bliss city like Zurich made me think that I am a bit richer than I was at that time. Once you get here, have a walk on the streets and admire the facades of the buildings looking like little more than modest nineteenth-century houses. However, their shop-fronts are glittering with Dior, Cartier and Faberge items, presented in an elegant understatement way. The best location for window shopping is Bahnhofstrasse.

Zurich is known for being one of the world largest stock market and an important financial center in Europe. Don’t think that you might get bored around this city, as it is a good mixture of experimental creativity and avant-garde music, trendy pubs and chic restaurants, museums (Kunsthaus with its Dada works) and art galleries. The city center is cool and simple, but with a sumptuous blue lake and mountains on the horizon.

The city is located on the banks of the Limmat River and its namesake lake is 3 km wide and 42 km in length.  During summer time I recommend you to rent a bike and go around the town, go on top of the Titleist glacier, admire the flowers decorating the city in waves of color or go for a sightseeing tour on Heidi Land and afloat on the Lake Zurich on a sea-bicycle or canoe, watching the yachts sailing against a background of alpine peaks. It is also possible to discover the city through various boat tours, the shorter of these lasting an hour and a half. Other tours may take over 4 hours, stopping off at the traditional Swiss villages on the other side of the lake or on the Isle of Ufenau. Or you can just settle on dishing out bread to the local swans in the lake and discovering the city on foot.