By Nicoleta Gherman, former QA Cabin Crew

Ask any cabin crew about the city of Milano and fingers will point immediately towards the city’s fashionable shops. Milano is one of the busiest cities in Europe, getting even busier during spring and autumn.

Getting around the city won’t be an issue, as it has several train stations, the largest providing you access to major touristic attractions. Our group of cabin crew was able this way during a 3 nights layover to visit Florence, Rome, Turin and during another stay over we went to Pisa and Cremona.

If you are more into shopping and you want to pay a visit to the famous Outlet Serra Valle, then a bus ride of over 2 hours should be booked in advance. However, Milan it is known as a shopper’s paradise, home to some of the world’s designers. You will find plenty of places to shop in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, a covered arcade near the Duomo. Try also La Rinascente shopping center or Corson Venezia.

The city offers a wide choice of ethnic eateries and designers restaurants, however, I always preferred a local trattoria. Try the delicious Lombard rice boiled in stock with saffron (risotto allo zafferano), polenta pie with cheese and white truffles (polenta pasticciata) and some herbal liqueur or a delicious gelato.

As a daytime leisure, I recommend you to visit the Gothic Duomo Cathedral, which is the world’s third largest church. Climb its steps for a spectacular view over the city. If you want to see the Leonardo da Vinci’beauty of The Last Supper, don’t forget to book in advance a sight-seeing tour. During another flight to Milano, after seeing these two key sites, together with our cockpit crew, we managed the next day to have a memorable picnic in the gardens of Castello Sforzesco.

Milan is also known for its two world-famous football clubs, Inter Milan and AC Milan. A visit to the San Siro stadium is a must if you are a soccer fan. The derby matches between the two clubs are always a treat.

If you are more into art, the street theatre is a good place to start. Via Dante is a recommended place or enjoys an opera night at Scala Di Milano. I would also recommend you Navigli district for its bar, restaurants, and cafes. Try the aperitif, a Ramazzotti liqueur or a sparkling wine (spumante).