Cabin Crew adventures in Amsterdam

By Nicoleta Gherman – World-class NG Cabin Crew Founder

As a flight attendant, I took full advantage of every flight with a stay in a city to visit not only that place, but also those around. When I flew for Qatar Airways the rule was not to go more than 4 hours away (by car / train) from the hotel where we were staying. However, in 2011 I received a flight to Brussels with a two-night layover and I thought I would visit Bruges or other cities in the area. However, one of my colleagues, a crazy Greek, suggested to me after the flight to leave the country and go to Netherlands. Amsterdam was about a two-hours train ride away, and a day trip was more than welcome. Of course, at the ticket office I saw the Korean collegues group, which were heading to the same destination, but I preferred, as being the Cabin Senior for the flight, not to be known that I was breaking the rules. I took the next train and living in the Gulf for so long, I expected to see a sign at the border between the two countries. I forgot that we are in the European Union.

In the “Venice of the North”, as the city of Amsterdam is also called, we started our day with a breakfast. Although it was 10 o’clock, the coffee shops were barely opening. I didn’t try the famous “mushrooms” or “cakes” or brownies with cannabis, but a fresh croissant, eggs and fresh orange juice were more than necessary for what was coming.

After admiring the central station and a little of the shopping center, I did not miss the tour on the canals that cross the city. From a fishing village, Amsterdam has become an important commercial center of the world. Along the canals we admired the floating houses made of small boats, the historic bridges, the imposing buildings, shipyards and the multitude of tourist locations.

Then we walked around the city, not missing to take some souvenirs with tulips and traditional wooden clogs. I still have a small tile that should be use as a cheese platter in my kitchen, on which a hand-painted windmill reminds me of the place once I visited. We stopped in several parks shaded by linden and elm trees, from where we admired several multicolored houses with special, sharp roofs. I saw from outside the church of St. Nicholas, and after a hearty meal topped with a delicious chocolate soufflé, I had enough energy to visit the Rembrandt Memorial House, the Sex Museum and the famous red light district, “Idalii”.