Why should you buy my first Ebook – Future Cabin Crew Interview Guide

JOIN OUR COMMUNITY AND GET YOUR BOARDING PASS TO A CABIN CREW CAREER! And that is how you could achieve this dream: buy my ebook, prepare yourself, solve the exercises and attend the interview. So why does this ebook offers you the successful pathway to your dream job?

  • Professionalism is my top priority.
  • An international project run by a former cabin crew with over 19 years of experience in aviation field as cabin crew for a 5 star airline, instructor, recruiter and journalist.
  • Actual cabin crew members enhancing the quality of this ebook.
  • True career development insights.
  • Free counseling for future candidates to help them choose their career carefully.
  • Best learning experience, in a peacefull environment.
  • Personality development, offering a complete transformation of your application.
  • Cabin crew achievement oriented hands-on exercises in order to improve your communication, creativity and group-work skills so you could practice all knowledge reacquired, this being the first step to getting into a cabin crew career, on a successful path.
  • I answered to 30 typical and situational questions that you might get during the interview day.
  • Learning about attitude and behavior; dos and don’ts.
  • Cabin crew job insights – We will offer you important information about this job, as it is highly recommended to know the techniques and skills they need to know once they start flying. All these help the candidate in the airlines’ recruiting process, as these details can be found in the interview questions.
  • 100 typical question to answer before atteding the interview with ANY airline.
  • The best thing a cabin crew-recruiter-trainer can do with all her flying and recruiting experience of more than 19 years, of course, is to use it.
About the author, Nicoleta Gherman:

I have been operating for over 11 years, training at the same time the next generation of flight attendants. Over the past six years, I developed and taught different preparation courses for cabin crew interview, essential when you are ready to attend the meeting with ANY airline. And at the same time, I have organised 12 recruiting events for commercial and private airlines, offering real employment chances to my trainees and not only. So here I am, offering you a chance to become a colleague of mine, a world-class cabin crew!