Recruiting VVIP freelance crew with Russian and Saudi visas

We are organizing another recruitment of freelance cabin crew to work for a VVIP, owner of a Global 5000 private jet.

Job offer:

• The possibility of switching from commercial aviation directly to private aviation

• VVIP freelance flights from Europe and the Middle East

• Positioning flight to France

• Temporary contract, for 2 weeks.


• at least 6 months experience in Business Class

• valid European passport

valid visas for Russia and Saudi Arabia

• availability to start on September 6th.

How to apply:

Please send by e-mail to contact@nicoletagherman.ro, until September 3rd the following documents:

• CV

• Passport and full length photos

• Copy of passport and visas.

For security and confidentiality reasons, we cannot publish any other details about the owner of the aircraft. This is the seventh selection we have organized together with a private jet operator, out of a total of 17 recruitments organized in the last three years.

Photo: Google images. If you are the author of this picture, please let us know to give recognition to your work.