Qatar Airways and SAS airlines has asked cabin crew to take unpaid leave

After Emirates asked his staff to take a 1 month unpaid leave few days ago, just 2 hours ago Qatar Airways follows in the footsteps.

Also SAS airline has put most of its crew based in London in a 4 MONTHS unpaid leave.

Kuwait closed today the country, shutting down all activities, including flying for a period of 2 weeks.

Lufthansa cancelled over 20.000 flights.

It’s a move that has been considered by other airlines around the world. The latest changes to the airline staffing are in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. The airlines are asking staff to take unpaid leave as the flights are almost empty, causing suspensions to a lot of routes.

So many airlines has stopped flying to China, Iran, Italy, Israel and South Korea as the virus has broken out in Europe as well.

Be safe, everyone!