Emirates has reopened the process of recruiting flight attendants!

Emirates announced today on its official website the reopening of the process of recruiting flight attendants. The way of organizing it has not been announced yet, if the interviews will take place online or face to face. The company only states that it is possible to apply for future Assessment Day interviews. But what we do know is that some students who were in training when the pandemic started were called back to finish the training. Such news makes us happy and gives us hope that aviation is recovering more and more. Only candidates who pass the pre-selection of files (online) can participate in the Assessment Day type interviews. So register your application as soon as possible at this link: https://www.emiratesgroupcareers.com/cabin-crew/

How do I become a flight attendant at Emirates?

Emirates interview has always been complex. We will discuss and solve these tests during our Special Training and Private Coaching courses, organized online and offline. During each course we will take care to correct / edit your CV and photos, so that you present yourself with a complete file at the interview. You will also practice intensively in English how to present yourself to recruiters and how to solve all the tests specific to the Emirates selections. All courses are taught by the only accredited trainer in Romania with over 20 years of experience as a stewardess, recruitment expert and trainer for future flight attendants. More details about this job can be found on the Emirates website. In order to get hired, you must also meet the following conditions: -age at least 21 years -high school graduate -no visible tattoos when wearing a uniform -fluent in English -fit for flight and without major medical problems -height of at least 160 cm and you can reach, on the tips, with your hand outstretched at least 212 cm.