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Hi, I’m Nicoleta Gherman.
Let's Prepare for Cabin Crew Interview.

I've created World Class NG Cabin Crew to help you be a top class flight attendant and share the latest aviation news.

Future Cabin Crew Interview Guide

Long time ago I was longing to fulfill my desire to be cabin crew, so I work one year to book a one way ticket to Doha, Qatar without to know 100% if I'll pass the interview as cabin crew.(I would not recommend).
Now it's time to teach and prepare you how to be cabin crew.
This book is for the ones willing to become flight attendants and not only.

Learn about Assessment Day, Open Day, and CV Submission Day.

Personal presentation guide

Learn about Group exercise, English tests, Math tests .

Worries and questions answered


Future Cabin Crew Interview Guide

Buy Future Cabin Crew Interview Guide
world class cabin crew enjoy being a cabin crew

Get a well paid job
to travel & see
the world

world class cabin crew enjoy being a cabin crew

It can change your life
in ways
you never imagine

I got the Golden Call from Emirates Airlines. Your training session helped me a lot to get the job. Thank you Mrs Nicoleta Gherman!

- Eliza Maria Klein, (Europe, Romania)

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Future Cabin Crew

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“With over 18 years of experience in the aviation field as a Cabin Services Director, Cabin Senior, Cabin Crew, Trainer, Recruiter, and Aviation Journalist, I had the privilege to travel around the world, just because of a lifetime passion for aviation. All these experiences and working for more than 10 years for a five-star airline in the Middle East, made me acknowledge world-class skills in coaching and mentoring the young generation ready to set high goals.”


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“I would like to thank you for everything and especially for trusting me and for helping me to get the cabin crew job. Soon I will start the training!”
Pete Ilhamy (Ryanair cabin crew)

“I just want to say a big thank you to you for having this page. It’s amazing for cabin crew hopefuls and such a great help to persons around the world.”

Shadayne Toyer (Trinidad and Tobago)

“It seems you have a lot of students flying here for Etihad Airways, as my husband, a pilot with them, was impressed to find out that they were trained by you. Well done!”
Junita Vave (Hostess & Promoting Manager, Solomon Islands)

“I want to extend my appreciation for everything you taught me and helping me to get wings with Etihad Airways. It was also you who helped me through constant coaching and mentoring to get into private aviation and finally become a proud VIP cabin crew, later on a Lead Cabin Crew and now a Cabin Crew Manager.”
Andra (CCM at Private Jet Owner, Saudi Arabia)

“I would like to thank you for everything you have taught me. Today I have been wearing for the first time my cabin crew uniform, giving me an amazing feeling. Until now all my exams are 100% passed and so I received an appreciation letter from the airline management.”
Paul Bothanzan (Emirates Airline cabin crew)

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