World-class NG Cabin Crew offers a successful pathway to your dream job!








By World-class NG Cabin Crew Team



Why does World-class NG Cabin Crew offer you the successful pathway to your dream job?

  • – Professionalism is our top priority.
  • – An international project run by a former cabin crew with over 17 years of experience in aviation field as cabin crew for a 5-star airline, instructor, recruiter, and journalist.
  • – Actual and former cabin crew members enhancing the quality of our workshops.
  • – A 100 % job assistance offered.
  • – True career development insights.
  • – Free counseling for future candidates to help them choose their career carefully.
  • – Best learning atmosphere during our sessions, in a friendly environment.
  • – Personality development workshops, offering a complete transformation of our trainees, by improving their communication skills.
  • – Cabin crew achievement oriented hands-on exercises in order to improve your creativity and group-work skills in any environment; professional practical training during the last day of the workshop, where our trainees can practice all knowledge acquired, this being the first step to getting into a cabin crew career, on a successful path.
  • – Learning about customer service expectations worldwide, discussing matters which are related to cabin crew responsibilities such as: learning about catering; attitude, protocol and behavior in front of the passengers; dos and don’ts; how to anticipate customers’ needs and nonverbal language; how to behave with customers depending on their religious/cultural backgrounds and how to conduct the service in the cabin.
  • – Cabin crew job insights according to multiple companies’ requirements. We will offer you important information about safety and first aid, as it is highly recommended for our trainees to know the techniques and skills they need to know once they start flying. All these help the candidate in the airlines’ recruiting process, as these details can be found in the interview questions.
  • – One-to-one preparation with our trainer during separate sessions designed for cabin crew interviews.
  • – Progressive feedback and tests offered during the workshops.


Why choose aviation as a career?

  • – There are more than 50 airlines in a constant search for enthusiastic cabin crew.
  • – See the world for free, as you get discounted tickets for you and your family.
  • – Free medical insurance and accommodation.
  • – Discover what is beyond your country borders and be part of a different environment.
  • – Attractive financial package.
  • – Improve your skills and develop your career.
  • – Be a World-class NG Cabin Crew!