The definition of Excellent Customer Service


By Nicoleta Gherman, Trainer and Recruiter

I had the pleasure to interact through social media with Mrs. Nittaya, a 24 years old former Customer Service Agent, as she was asking for advice regarding a cabin crew job. She is a lovely open-minded young lady and I am sure it would be interesting to find out from her how is to work for Thai Airways. When asking her to describe her life in this prestigious airline and a beautiful interview came to light shortly.

  • What motivated you to get a job in the aviation field, working on ground?

Hello, everyone. As you introduced me, I am Nittaya but you are welcome to call me Ta. While I was studying at Ramkhamhaeng University, I had a part-time job as a cashier at 7/11 shop where I saw a lady with a full uniform of Thai Airways. She was very beautiful and I thought one day I would work in an airline and look like her. She was my inspiration, though it seemed to be difficult to get that job. At that time I really wanted to work in the airline industry because I felt it will suit my key strength. I work very hard and I love to challenge my talent to do something different.

  • What do you think is the greatest achievement of your life till now?

Definitely getting into aviation field! My enthusiasm and ambition helped me get the ground staff job. Moreover, I always remember my first supervisor advice who share me her secret to success: ‘Looking at each day as a new opportunity, set high goals, be honest and work with people who share your similar passion.“ So I found it amazing to wear Thai airways uniform and enjoy meeting thousands of new people. I have gained such good experiences, learned the meaning of an excellent service and made me be faster, more patience, attentive and improved time management skills. This was the time I realized the safety rules are the most importing thing when it comes to aviation.

  • What made you attend a Qatar cabin crew interview and how did you prepare?

Indeed, I attended Qatar Airways cabin crew interview once believing it suits me as well as my experiences in the service industry. I wanted to use my skills and why not improve them by working for a five stars airline. Before the interview, I searched information about this airline every day and I read useful advice on different sites. I also connected with people flying for this airline and exchange opinions. Furthermore, even if I didn’t pass once, I have never stopped my dream as I believe one day I will get the cabin crew job.

  • Can you compare your Customer Service Agent interview with the one for a cabin crew?

As a customer service agent, the process is not too long. I can tell you the grooming part was extremely important, as you are the image of the airline. I apply online and the company sent me shortly an invitation letter to the interview. While the process of cabin crew is quite difficult and having to solve different exercises, in this case, we only had tested out the English skills. Afterward, the recruiters invited us for a face-to-face interview, where I was asked about my previous work experiences. In my opinion, it is not too hard to pass the interview if we have clear communication skills and show a friendly attitude.

  • Ta, can you tell us some of the qualities that a professional Customer service agent should have and what is the importance of proficiency in several languages?

The most important qualities are flexibility, patience, willingness to help, respect the rules and do well at work. I have been faced with several types of people and yes, it would be an advantage to study and speak several languages. If you can speak your customer native language, for sure you can help him/her faster and why not, impress them at the same time. As for me, working in Asia I used to study Chinese, Thai, and English and I used any of this language especially when I had to explain the company regulations.

  • How do you provide an excellent customer service?

‘The word of mouth is very powerful’ when we provide good service to a customer. When I provide an excellent service, I will feel like having magic power, making a normal day into a fantastic day. But working in Customer Service field can be tough too. It helped me a lot having a good team around, working together is essential. This made work fun. We never blamed a colleague but solved together any issue. Maybe that is why I have never had a problem at work. That’s why I advise you all to be open-minded, listen to each other and help as much as you can. You never know when a happy passenger will just send a Thank you note to your boss.