“Tasting the flying experience will help to expand your boundaries!”

Interview with our trainee, Mihai, actual Qatar Airways cabin crew

by World-class NG Cabin Crew

Mihai Banita is the type of a student any teacher would like to have: assertive, well spoken, hungry about what is new and always ready for a new challenge. We met him during a Qatar Cabin Crew Mindset course held in Cluj-Napoca, Romania last autumn. While describing himself at the beginning of the day we saw an energetic person being in a continuing move, willing to meet different persons, see different places, eager to learn about different cultures. Actually, he was so much ready to be a cabin crew due to his previous career that happens to be in customer service and hospitality. The hospitality one happens to be abroad in the US which gave him the chance to work with teammates from different countries and to interact with guests from all around the world.
Both prepared him for the new adventure of his life starting today in Doha, Qatar.

Photo: Radu NicolaeWhat motivated you to become a cabin crew?

I chose to take my career to the next level, to 40 000 feet altitude, decided to leave the ground for the opportunity to discover the world in the fastest way. And for sure this was my biggest motivation for choosing of doing this. So when I saw this job opportunity with Qatar Airways, after I did some research about them I said, “That’s it! I want to work for the best.” The other thing I knew was how hard is to pass and comparing to other interviews where you just go to share your experience and your strong points in order to convince them that you are the right person for the job, with QA was something different. The interview (held in Cluj-Napoca) seemed to be a little bit tricky.

How did you prepare for interviews? 

Because I didn’t have too many clues about their interviews, I decided to go straight to the source, to Nicoleta Gherman’s course, keeping in mind she is the only trainer in Romania having an international cabin crew career of more than 10 years which happened to be part of QA and so much experience in the aviation field.

At this course, I did not learn only about the tricky situations that can happen at the interview or about the stages of it but also I gained more confidence in my abilities. Our trainer was sharing with us her experience not only with Qatar Airways but also as a recruiter was another strong point of choosing this way to prepare.

Can you tell us which are the qualities of a flight attendant?

I can’t say that being a flight attendant is a hard job to do, only if you don’t like it or you don’t have some of the next qualities which I think it’s primordial to have it. One of the most important is to be flexible because you are always on move, doesn’t matter day or night, you have to be ready to go; cooperative because you will always have a different cabin crew and working in a team is so important. Also, you should be patient because you will have to deal with different situations every day and be efficient as you will have to listen first to the guest’s concerns and solve them in a timely manner. Just make sure that passengers are leaving the aircraft with a nice experience.

What do you think to be the toughest aspect to move from a ground to a flying job?

Probably the toughest aspect of moving from a ground job to a flying one is the unknown because you will never know where you land next week or month, who you will meet on your next flight. For sure is not a routine and I find it so exciting.

How do u see relocating in the Middle East keeping in mind that you lived in the US for a while?
Being a totally new experience for me to relocate in the Middle East, with a very different culture and lifestyle that I experienced I’m just looking forward to seeing it. As I said it’s a new experience where for sure I will have so many things to learn.
I encourage you all who would like to become a flight attendant if you have traveled in your blood and can’t stay too long on one place, definitely have to try this job at least for one or two years. Tasting the flying experience will help to expand your boundaries and also to develop your personality and evolve as a human being.

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*Photo credit: Radu Nicolae and personal album