Meet the Team


Nicoleta Gherman – World-class NG Cabin Crew

NICOLETA GHERMAN –  Experienced Trainer  With over 17 years of experience in the aviation field as a Cabin Services Director, Purser, Cabin Crew, Trainer, Recruiter and Aviation Journalist, I had the privilege to travel around the world, just because of a lifetime passion for aviation! Working for more than 10 years for a five-star airline in the Middle East, I acknowledged world-class skills in coaching and mentoring the young generation ready to set high goals. More than three years ago I dedicated myself to a new chapter in my career growth and that is providing high-quality training and guidance to the young people towards the commercial and private aviation. I did that in 2013, by creating, producing and teaching the first preparation course held in Romania for the ones attending the interviews with different commercial airlines, but also taking part in some recruiting events and being a cabin crew instructor. All in all, up to now I did prepare around 1300 trainees during different projects, out of whom many of them are already flying for about 30 airlines across Europe and the Middle East. All these being said, I am ready to provide top quality for future cabin crew professionals and prepare you for success in order to fulfill your dream of being a world-class cabin crew member. If you need more information about myself, you can find me on

LAVINIA GHERMAN – Editor In Chief Ever since I have started working back in 2007 on several ground staff positions within an international airline, I found myself in love with aviation. Interacting with thousands of multilingual passengers and cabin crew members, this rounded up my aviation knowledge, along with several international and local courses in Planning and Coordination in aviation, Security, and Dangerous Goods. Based on my education, as a graduate of Faculty of Languages, I am here to put back your excitement into education and English skills.

MIHAELA MOISE – CREW RESOURCE SPECIALIST (CRS) After 9 years of flying as a Cabin Crew and Cabin Service Director for a 5* airline, I decided to turn back home and I got my diploma as a Human Resources Inspector. During this time I have learnt about education requirements, desired skills and key job duties to find out if working in this profession is for you. As a Crew Resource Specialist, I support the overall HR strategy in the areas of job advertising, recruiting and hiring stages of our trainees. Through my work, I help people find employment, housing, as well as compassionate assistance. I am also responsible for planning and developing new programs that will positively benefit our community and trainees in order to help people find information and services faster, bring people together within the group through different events and help create a sense of community among our platform members. If you have any questions related to the cabin crew job or any problems to solve regarding your aviation career, address your concerns to [email protected], mentioning that the email is for CRS, Mihaela Moise and I will make sure to send you an answer.  

MIHAELA FLUIERAS – Editor / Languages Teacher Hello, aviation enthusiasts! Fantastic opportunities to become a flight attendant are daily available around the world. I am here to keep you updated with the latest information, due to the fact that I am currently working as cabin crew for one of the best European airline. Previously I was an English and Spanish teacher for five years and gained work experience in the VIP luxury industry in France. I speak English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese fluently and I will engage my knowledge in the creation of learning materials for all who are passionate about the aviation industry.  

You are going to learn from us

  • How to go from a “No idea” to “I did it!”
  • Improve your aviation career by developing Cabin Crew Skills.
  • A Simple Strategy for Personal Development.
  • The Little-Known Secret for getting into the Top Class Cabin Crew world.


Why does World-class NG Cabin Crew offer you the successful pathway to your dream job?

  • – Professionalism is our top priority.
  • – An international project run by a former cabin crew with over 17 years of experience in aviation field as cabin crew for a 5-star airline, instructor, recruiter, and journalist.
  • – Actual and former cabin crew members enhancing the quality of our workshops.
  • 100 % job assistance offered.
  • – True career development insights.
  • – Free counseling for future candidates to help them choose their career carefully.
  • – Best learning atmosphere during our sessions, in a friendly environment.
  • – Personality development workshops, offering a complete transformation of our trainees, by improving their communication skills.
  • – Cabin crew achievement oriented hands-on exercises in order to improve your creativity and group-work skills in any environment; professional practical training during the last day of the workshop, where our trainees can practice all knowledge acquired, this being the first step to getting into a cabin crew career, on a successful path.
  • – Learning about customer service expectations worldwide, discussing matters which are related to cabin crew responsibilities such as: learning about catering; attitude, protocol and behavior in front of the passengers; dos and don’ts; how to anticipate customers’ needs and nonverbal language; how to behave with customers depending on their religious/cultural backgrounds and how to conduct the service in the cabin.
  • – Cabin crew job insights according to multiple companies’ requirements. We will offer you important information about safety and first aid, as it is highly recommended for our trainees to know the techniques and skills they need to know once they start flying. All these help the candidate in the airlines’ recruiting process, as these details can be found in the interview questions.
  • – One-to-one preparation with our trainer during separate sessions designed for cabin crew interviews.
  • – Progressive feedback and tests offered during the workshops.

Why choose aviation as a career?

  • – There are more than 50 airlines in a constant search for enthusiastic cabin crew.
  • – See the world for free, as you get discounted tickets for you and your family.
  • – Free medical insurance and accommodation.
  • – Discover what is beyond your country borders and be part of a different environment.
  • – Attractive financial package.
  • – Improve your skills and develop your career.
  • – Be a World-class NG Cabin Crew!