Free workshops on Cabin Crew International Day occasion

by Mihaela Moise, Crew Resource Specialist

On the occasion of the Cabin Crew International Day celebrated on May 31, us, the World-class NG Cabin Crew platform organized together with our trainer Nicoleta Gherman and Mihaela Moise, our Crew Resource Specialist (former Qatar Airways stewardesses), two free workshops in Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest. The event’s title was “First steps in the cabin crew career” and addressed all those who love aviation and want to be a flight attendant.

Most participants were keen to find out more about the airlines that are currently recruiting and what they need to do to get such a job. The guests invited to give a speech were former crew with experience of flying for international airlines. The event in Cluj-Napoca took place on 19 May and had as guests Lacramioara Boieru (former Emirates Airlines crew) and Loredana Cojocaru (former Oman Air stewardess). In Bucharest on 26 May, Nicoleta Gherman had invited Loredana Radu, a former cabin crew, and employee of the Welfare Department at Qatar Airways. All of them have shared their vast experience, their impressions on interviews, how they have adapted to another lifestyle in the Middle East and events they have to face during their flying careers.

For several hours, enthusiastic participants were able to ask questions about the cabin crew work, the terms of employment offered by different airlines, and the first steps to be taken into consideration as a future cabin crew. The surprises continued at the end of each presentation with a practice module. Thus, the participants in Cluj-Napoca had the opportunity to practice a group communication test followed by a public speaking demonstration and the presentation of the group to which they belonged, specific samples of the recruitment exercises during cabin crew interviews.

In Bucharest, the practice module included not just an exercise in Customer Service role play, solving an in-flight situation, but also how to answer the questions in a final interview with any airline. The participants present in the room also received a discount voucher for our future workshops, “Cabin Crew Mindset and Customer Service Skills” that will be organized in Brasov (7-9 July) and Bucharest (15-17 September). On our website, you can find more information regarding our cabin crew platform future activities.