Cabin Crew Career Advice – March and April Topics

by Mihaela Moise, Crew Resource Specialist

Bryan, Zimbabwe: Hello there. I wanted to know if it is possible to attend the open day without invitation if you have what it takes to be a cabin crew but still feel like attending and proving that you are worth hiring. Can they chase you away?

Hi Bryan – You may attend the open day interview even if you do not have an invitation. You have to make sure you are dressed properly in business attire, bring your CV with you, the photos (one full length and the other one has to be passport size) and of course your beautiful smile. Good luck!

Mubashir, India: Hi greeting for the day. I have 3 years experience with Etihad Airways as a ground staff in the third party. Do you think a certificate of cabin crew service would help join an airline?

Hi Mubashir. Your ground staff experience and the cabin crew service certificate will be a great advantage if you would like to apply for a cabin crew position. All the best!

Raani, Jeddah: Could you please recommend me how to get the job as a cabin crew? I am applying everywhere but nowadays its been so difficult to get the job with any reference.

Hi Raani. Well, I can help you with some tips how to present yourself for an interview, to get the job it’s up to you and your background. I wish I can help you to get the job. An experience in customer service will be a plus (restaurants, hotels, or any other customer service jobs). One or two reference letters would help so ask your previous employers or ask someone in charge to write it for you (former teacher/instructor). You need a CV well done, two photos (one full size and one passport copy size) and dressed in attire business.

Kimy, Spain: Hi I am wondering if you can help advise me. I have an interview with Emirates for cabin crew and I have spent £350 to travel down. I want this more than anything!! I know you have to do the reach test, I can only reach 211cm on the very ball of my foot. Can you tell me, is it a waste of time going? Will I be sent home in the first 5 minutes or is there a chance they would like me and keep me?

Hi Kimy. Everything is possible, there are no warranties, depends on you and depends on them. There is one cm difference, maybe will not make any difference if you will create a good impression. But I can assure you, if you want something from the bottom of your heart, you will have it, so do not give up! Follow your heart!

Gaurav, India: I will attend a cabin crew interview with Qatar Airways in Delhi. Will you suggest something to help me pass the interview?

Hi Gaurav. Yes, please be yourself, genuine, positive and adopt “I can do attitude”. These are the most important ingredients to be a great cabin crew. On board, you will need it. Your attire has to be business; your hair has to be a short haircut, no tattoos, shaved, your shoes polished, with other words, you need to be well groomed.

Yalla, Nepal: Hey. My height is 5.2. Can I get the cabin crew job as well as for ground staff?

Hi Yalla. Do you mean your height is 1.52 cm? As a flight attendant, you have to reach 2.12 cm, without shoes, on your toes tips. If you can reach this height then you can apply as cabin crew.

Ritah, Uganda: Hi there sorry to be bothering but I wanted to ask about the EASA cabin crew attestation. What exactly does it mean and signify? When applying for a non-experience crew job is it a requirement? Thanks in advance.

Hi Ritha. Thank you for asking us. You are not bothering us at all. EASA Attestation is a must for any cabin crew employed by a European airline. For a better explanation, kindly have a look at this link:

Juliet, Kenya: Hello. Can someone be a cabin crew with dreadlocks?

Hi Juliet. As per grooming standards you are not allowed to have while you are wearing the uniform the dreadlocks.

Mona, France: Is it necessary to have an EU or European passport when applying for a European airline?

Hi Mona. Yes, it is necessary to have an EU passport or the right to work and to live in EU in order to be able to enter any country part of European Union while having a stopover in any country.

Arman, U.K.: How much should be the body weight of a male candidate in order to get through the selection process for Qatar Airways?

Hi Arman. There is not a maximum weight. Your body has to be well proportioned, fit and able to handle a 25-35 kgs door during the training.