Would you like a career as a cabin crew? Are you interested in aviation and would you like to make a career in this field?
Then make the first step and attend the Cabin Crew Private Coaching, organized as One-on-One sessions by World Class NG Cabin Crew or on Skype. During the workshops, you will be able to prepare yourself for the cabin crew job as per the requirements of European and Arabic airlines. Our trainer will give you pertinent answers to all your questions and you will be able to improve your written and oral communication, your creativity and debating skills so that you will be fully prepared to upgrade your career in aviation. We will also offer you all the details about this amazing and complex job, as our trainer has a large experience of over 16 years in the aviation field, out of which 10 years as a cabin crew for a 5-star airline.

Duration of one session: 3 hours

Private Coaching Fee: 75 euro/session (or 350 RON for payments in local currency). In order to book a place and get more information about the payment, call us at +40729797964 or send us an email to [email protected] 

If you can not attend any of our private sessions in Cluj, Skype sessions will be organized on request. For more details, you can contact us by phone no. +40729797964 or by e-mail: [email protected]
See you soon!


Nicoleta Gherman is a certified trainer with over 17 years of experience in the aviation field as a Cabin Services Director, Purser, Cabin Crew, trainer, recruiter, and aviation journalist. She worked for more than 10 years for a 5-star airline in the Middle East, out of which 5 years she had a supervisory position. During this time she acknowledged world-class skills in coaching and mentoring the young generation ready to set high goals.

Four years ago she dedicated herself to a new chapter in her career growth and that is providing high-quality training and guidance towards the commercial and private aviation. In 2013 her dream of being a trainer came true, by creating, producing and teaching the first preparation course held in Romania for the ones attending the cabin crew interviews. Mrs. Gherman dedicated over 100 articles to her passion, which is aviation, and took part in some recruiting events. All in all, up to now she did prepare around 1300 trainees during different projects, many of them already flying for over 30 airlines across Europe and the Middle East.

We are sure that Nicoleta Gherman is more than ready to provide top quality training for cabin crew future professionals and prepare you for success, in order to fulfill your dream of being a world-class cabin crew member.